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HSD NOVA-FM for Medical Technology and Facility Management in Hospitals

NOVA-FM is an IWM/CAFM System which offers all respective modules for technical, economic and infrastructural Facility Management in Hospitals. Here you find all important modules for the requirements in hospitals as add-on to the Facility Management solution.

One of our core competence for decades is software developing for Medical Technology. The special requirements in hospitals within the general facility management are for example equipment and medical device management, testing and measuring, instructions to medical devices for hospital staff etc. All these performancde features are fully integrated in NOVA-FM for the entire Facility Management.

Testing and Measuring is one of our special capacity, all well-established testing systems are integrated in NOVA.

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Equipment and Device Management

NOVA provides for all features for a responsible and flexibel device management. All information about a device is shown in a clearly-arranged tree structure. Any kind of facility can be allocated to any equipment or device. The heart of this module are device catalogues to manage devices according to requirements of Medical Technology. Here, you can organize all due dates for testings, maintenance, safety messages and instructions for staff.

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Testing and Measuring

The maintenance management of NOVA supports planning, performance and supervision of testings as well as maintenance activities and inspections for medical devices. All required due dates for testings can be assigned to each device for your own and as well for service providers. You always have an overview about terms and deadlines.We can provide for EU test procedures. We have integrated the test systems of Bender, Gossen Metrawatt, Metlog, Rigel Medical und S.P.L. Elektronik .

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Instructions to Medical Devices

NOVA provides for a clearly-arranged mask to record all trainings and instructions of each person who uses medical devices at patients. You get a quick overview by a matrix which shows e.g. a respective device and all persons who have been instructed on this device and who not. A completed instruction for one person can be printed-out for signing. Signed PDFs can be assigned by drag and drop.

Modern Facility Management aided by NOVA

FM Hospital
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Decades of Experience - Latest Technology

NOVA-FM is the 4th software generation of HSD which combines our decades of experience with the latest technology. HSD is Microsoft Certified Partner.

Our Software offers all respective modules for the technical, economic and infrastructural Facility Management for hospitals and all other industries certified by the German Facility Management Association GEFMA.

NOVA offers users totally new options to carry-out their daily work easily and efficiently by latest development tools. The software runs database-independent: MS-SQL, Postgre-SQL etc. and on all devices. Our native NOVA App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

NOVA provides for high performance and was made for large amounts of data. You can customize your individual mask by easy to handle tools and benefit from NOVA’s great flexibility – anyway, the software remains absolutely update-safe. Our reporting tools incl. interactive dashboards give you detailed information in real time.

HSD NOVA-FM is a first class software solution for state of the art facility management in hospitals.

All Modules for Medical Technology and Facility Management from A-Z

Building Maintenance
CAD Viewer and Editor
Car Pool
Cleaning Management
Contract Management
Cost Management
Construction Projects
Customer Management
Data Field Editor
Document Management

Equipment + Device Management
Energy Management
Floor Management
Inventory Management
Job Safety
Key Management
Legend Editor
Mask Designer
Materials Management
Media Circles
Mobile Solution

Order + Maintenance Mgmt
Organisation Management
Parking Lot Management
Project Management
Real Estate Management
Relocation Management
Rental Management
Report Designer
Risk Assesment
Room Book

Service Center Helpdesk
Service Management
Staff Planning
Testing + Measuring
Testing Steps
Testing Systems
Tree Catastre
Warranty Management
Waste Management
Workplace Management
Workflow Manager

Working Mobile - Web Solutions - Native App

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Web Solutions - Mobile Client - Offline Client

NOVA is one single continious application for all clients. Mobile Client and NOVA App as well as Web Client and Offline Client enable on all deevices like notebook, tablet and smartphone the availability of all important data. Some customers of us already use NOVA as all-web solution.

The most important performance features

  • Whereever you are, see and work off new orders
  • Record a new error message with direct access to your smartphone camera
  • Documentation of testings by checklists and instructions to devices
  • Overview of device master data incl. evaluations by pre-build reports
  • The Offline Client offers complete or selected data what enables working without connection to server. Data will be replicated automatically as soon you have connection to server
  • The Web Client only needs a browser to retrieve data of the Windows Client
  • The Web Client provides for all features of the Windows Client which offers only mor confort and admin features
NOVA Icon App Backround


NOVA App – the easy to handle native App of NOVA-FM for modern Facility Management is available for download at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

At a glance:

  • Initial configuration of server access data via QR code possible
  • Offline functionality
  • Display of messages and orders
  • Message capturing, photo upload, scanning barcodes and QR codes for respective objects
  • Acceptance of messages and orders
  • Convert message to order
  • Capturing of processing based on messages and orders
  • Processing of tests based on orders
Service Center rund

NOVA Service Center - Web Portal

The NOVA Service Center is a web portal for any kind of needs for the entire staff. You can create error messages and check status, document instructions to devices, see master data of devices and many more. A user-friendly interface provides for an easy handling.

The most important performance features:

  • Messages and troubleticketing
  • Instructions documentation
  • Device information
  • Orders
  • Due dates, testings

Latest Technology

One single Application

ones single app1

NOVA-FM is a one single application for all clients: Windows, Web, Mobile and Offline Client. That means, all entries/changes must be performed once only. The Web Client provides for almost all features like the Windows Client.

Flexible Customizing, Update-safe

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The software offers a lot of flexibility to customize your user surface. Modifications can quick and easily be performed by innovative features like Mask Designer, Data Field Editor, Legend Editor and Workflow Manager. The Workflow Manager enables the creation of highly individual workflows. Despite of all these features, the software remains update safe.

Modern User Interfaces

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As a Microsoft Certified Partner we orientate ourselves by MS Office products. Therefore the surfaces of our software solutions are easy and intuitively to handle what provides for a high degree of user acceptance.

Reporting, interactive Dashboards

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NOVA offers a modern report design which enables quickly and easily the automatic generation of high professional reports, tables, graphics and documents by any kind of current data. Generated reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, posted by mail or directly shown in a presentation mode. The interactive NOVA dashboard is a high-tech reporting tool for any kind of report. Critical processes and projects, but as well ordinary data can be summarized in a clear and concrete way. Of course by real time data.

Interfaces to integrated Systems

Network Concept

HSD provides for a longtime and intensely proven competence in developping interfaces to many important systems like SAP, CAD, Outlook, hospital information systems, import and export interfaces and many more.

Workflow Manager

CAFM Splitter Workflow Mgr

The NOVA Workflow Manager supports the individualization of business processes. You can shape processes by graphics and link them with system functions. Created workflows can be carried-out event- or time-driven. Within the workflow you can combine various kinds of process controls like intersections, loops etc. with intrasystem or external functions and preconditions.

BIM Building Modeling Information

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HSD is developing tools to integrate Building Information Modeling (BIM) features in NOVA to support the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of buildings.

IOT Internet of Things

Internet of things IoT and network connection concept design vector. Smart digital concept.

NOVA supports the IOT technology by different ways like dataset exchange via NOVA Web Api, data exchange by CSV data or transmission by email incl. automatic import to NOVA which ensures maximum security.


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HSD provides for highly specialized employees concerning blockchain. By means of the NOVA Connector, information can be stored in a cloud and readout: IoT (internet of things) information or previous data from blockchain. The entire life cycle of a building or an equipment can be documented audit compliant and according to legal requirements by the support of blockchain technology.

NOVA Hosting solutions available in accordance with European GDPR