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HSD-ChargenDoc - QM Software Solution for CSSD Processing

For many years, HSD-ChargenDoc is one of the leading software solutions for the documentation of sterile goods processing

The Cycle of Sterile Goods

The cycle of sterile goods from re-entry to the use on a patient will be documented completely and lawfully

  • Clear display of all processes of connected WD-machines in real time
  • Detailed information about availability of sets at any time
  • Display of procedure instructions (single goods/sets)
  • Recording of unused instruments for the dynamic set improvement
  • Perfect organization of the complete packing process
  • Display of packing lists incl. pictures
  • Integrated run check for single instruments
  • Comfortable and easy management of packing lists
  • Legally secure documentation of automated sterilization processes (EN 285)
  • Assignment of several sterilization programs, autom. control for mixed loadings
  • Display of each process stage at any time
  • Direct compare with assigned validation chart
  • Clear management of central/decentral sterile goods stocks
  • Monitoring of best-before dates
  • Ordering system for procedure trolleys, sets and disposables
  • Stock movements
  • Status Monitor: Display of all sets
  • Information exchange CSSD and OR
  • Information about sterile goods (availability)
  • Display of packing lists and single instruments
  • Order and cancellation of goods
  • Display and printout of hygiene pass
  • Allocation to patient incl. DRG and OR ID

Intelligent Charge Documentation

HSD-ChargenDoc is a perfect QM and documentation system for CSSD processing – from re-entry to the use on a patient will be documented lawfully and without gap. Many helpful features support users at every stage of processing and provides for certainty while using the software. The intelligent web solution HSD-ChargenDoc@web is a flexible add-on intended for a quick and easy overview of availabilities of sets, instruments and other important information. Moreover, it is a useful communication portal for OR and CSSD.

HSD-ChargenDoc delivers a significant contribution for an optimally organized and safe processing of medical devices incl. cost transparancy.

Multi-Vendor Capability

With HSD-ChargenDoc you can make your own decision about manufacturer of WD-machines, sterilizers or endoscopy WD-machines and other medical devices like barcode scanner, label printer and foil seal appliance.

The connection of sterilizers and WD-machines can be carried-out by a serial interface (RS232), via network as well as web service.

Ass Aigner, Belimed, BMM (Weston UK), Cisa, Getinge, Johnson & Johnson, Lautenschläger, Lütronic Matachana, Maquet/Getinge, MMM, Odelga, PMA Philips, Schaerer, Stiefenhofer, Webeco/Matachana, Zirbus

Belimed, BHT, Hamo/Steris, KEN/Lütronic, Maquet/Getinge, Medisafe, Miele, Olympus Steelco

Barcode Scanner
Numerous manufacturers are integrated

Label Printer and Foil Seal Appliance
Numerous manufacturers are integrated

HSD-ChargenDoc - The most important Performance Features

Legal Certainty

Legal certainty by fulfilling the RKI guidelines (Robert-Koch-Institute).

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the government’s central scientific institution in the field of biomedicine. It is one of the most important bodies for the safeguarding of public health in Germany.

Multi-Vendor Capability

Make your own decision about manufacturer of WD-machines, sterilizers or endoscopy WD-machines and other medical devices like barcode scanner, label printer and foil seal appliance.


HSD-ChargenDoc is a user-friendly software. Training the staff will be quick and easy. You can handle the software by barcode scanner, RFID systems, touchscreen and foot pedal – hygienic and convenient. The monitor support provides for promt alerts in case of misuse by users and describes exactly how to continue. The user feels safe, it prevents time-killing interruptions and is therefore contributory for an on-time OR supply.

Comprehensive Reporting, Dashboards

You can generate comprehensive statistics and reports of all captured data in CSSD incl. detailed incl. cost accounting and monitoring, as well for several plant locations. The integrated Microsoft Report Builder® offers various, significant graphics incl. dashboard functions for reporting – even via web.

Integration of Identification Systems

Integrated identification Systems: RFID, DATAmatrix, Kamerasystem, Barcode.

Integrated Article Catalogues

Article catalogues of many instrument manufacturer are completely integrated or can be delivered. The direct access to the catalogues makes data capture much more easier especially for the prepackaging of sets. You can also add photos to the catalogues.

Multi-Client Capability

Data can be managed and edited centrally but as well ordered by clients. Evaluations incl. all clients are possible. Therefore, different sterilization units can be stored on one database. Terminal server application is possible.

Customizing, Multi-lingual Capability

An intelligent designer enables an all-round cutomization of masks by users according to your special requirements in the CSSD. HSD-ChargenDoc offers multi-lingual capability.

Operating Instructions

Integrated task checklist as a precondition to start working with sterile goods. Here you ca store test procedures for every workplace. If these tasks are not performed, you are not able to proceed. These tasks might be for example daily routine inspections incl. documenation of machines.

Set Inspection

Set improvement features are interesting for service providers. By means of this module, you can record the current status of every single instruments for any set. Supported by the manufacturer catalogues, you have access to each intrument during a visual set inspection. The results of these set inspections will be transmitted directly to the database of the respective user.

Workflow Manager

Definitions of workflows of working stations to be passed through for a set incl. control functions, if the correct sequence has been observed.


The module for logistics is an important tool for external sterilization services. This module provides  for a transparent controlled materials management between service provider and customer. The incomming and outgoing goods will be exacly documented incl. print-out of delivery note. Even invoicing is possible.

Software Validation HSD-ChargenDoc

If you transact external sterilizations, the validation of the used software is strongly recommended. HSD offers validation services for our product HSD-ChargenDoc. The validation records the existence of a safe documentation in the CSSD. The validation’s objective is to verify that the software generates exactly those results which you expect. The validation is the proof that the software delivers all requirements and is therefore a fundamental element of quality management.